Corsair One Pro i200 Review


Corsair’s One Pro i200 ($4,499) is the trendy in its line of compact computing device workstations. It increases the CPU ante over the company’s One Pro i180 with a brand new 14-center, 28-thread Intel Core i9-10940X processor, giving it carte blanche for even the maximum excessive duties. (Gaming isn’t always out of the question, either.) Like different Corsair One fashions, the One Pro i200 impresses with elegant, cutting-edge looks, minimum running noise, and an extremely compact footprint. It’s now no longer a through-the-ee-e book computer withinside the experience that it lacks a Xeon CPU, expert-grade GPU options, and unbiased software program vendor (ISV) certifications for specialised apps. But it is a pinnacle-exceptional preference for innovative experts searching out some thing with greater electricity according to inch than whatever else.

The Fastest One

The One Pro i200 is the maximum effective Corsair One collection version to date, aleven though it retails for much less than the One Pro i180 did at its release way to Intel’s charge discounts on its tenth Generation “Cascade Lake-X” Core X-collection silicon. (The i200’s Core i9-10940X retails for approximately $800, in which the equal previous-gen Core i9-9920X should fetch nearly $1,200.) This sort of CPU electricity from Intel is best to be had on its X299 chipset platform. Workstation diehards would possibly bemoan the shortage of a Xeon option, however you’ll best want one of these if mistakess correcting code (ECC) reminiscence become required to your work.

The Corsair’s GPU is the mythical Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, Nvidia’s quickest patron card quick of the specialised Titan RTX. It’s now no longer a expert-grade Quadro version as you’ll assume in a computer, however it is hardly ever incapable of jogging expert apps. Installing Nvidia’s Studio driving force(Opens in a brand new window) (which Corsair would not manufacturing unit install) would not supply it ISV certification, however the driving force is examined in opposition to numerous famous innovative software program suites. (Hit that hyperlink to peer a list.)

The One Pro i200’s different hardware consists of a whopping 64GB of DDR4-2666 reminiscence, or two times that of the One Pro i180, jogging in quad-channel mode as a quartet of 16GB SO-DIMMs (laptop- instead of computing device-fashion reminiscence modules). Its one and best garage force is a 2TB M.2 PCI Express strong-country force conserving Windows 10 Pro and a welcome loss of bloatware. Corsair covers the One Pro i200 with a -12 months restrained warranty. That’s higher than one 12 months, however I’d want to see 3 years of insurance on a device this expensive.

For expansion, the One Pro i200’s motherboard has  extra M.2 slots and a 2.five-inch bay helping 15mm top drives. The garage drives and reminiscence are the best objects which can realistically be upgraded in this PC. While it would not be not possible to switch out the processor or pix card, the proprietary nature of the One Pro’s liquid cooling and the confines of the chassis approach compatibility with different hardware isn’t always likely. The restrained upgradability is one in all this PC’s downsides.

The One Pro i200 within reason priced for what is inside. There’s no proper apples-to-apples assessment for it, however amongst workstations, I configured a Dell Precision 5820 and an HP Mini Z2 G4 with similar hardware, and that they labored out to nearly $1,000 greater. (I should pressure the assessment isn’t always exact.) I additionally priced a Falcon Northwest Tiki (a compact gaming PC) withinside the equal ballpark.

It’s a Looker

The post-business layout of the One Pro i200 is same to that of the i180. Corsair’s One collection PCs, Pro variations blanketed, all proportion the equal dimensions: 15 through 6.nine through 7.nine inches (HWD). This is an extremely compact footprint whilst you don’t forget the quantity of electricity stuffed inside.

Unlike many compact PCs, the One lineup continues its electricity deliver inner in preference to resorting to an outside adapter. The One Pro i200 makes use of the terrific Corsair SF750(Opens in a brand new window) imparting 750 watts of electricity and wearing an eighty Plus Platinum certification. As you’ll assume in a device of this length and shape, it is an SFX electricity deliver, a specialised compact version used especially in small-shape-issue PCs. (Conventional-length computer systems use a shape issue of PSU referred to as ATX.)

Provided you are the use of a wi-fi keyboard and mouse and a Wi-Fi net connection, the best cables that must be popping out of this PC are for electricity and video.

The One Pro i200 is a looker from any angle. The anodized grey aluminum panels sense rock-strong and appearance great. The RGB LED mild strips that flank the the front panel are controllable the use of the preinstalled Corsair iCUE software program.

The electricity button is on the pinnacle of the panel, even as an audio mixture jack,  USB 3.1 Type-A ports, and an HDMI port (for digital truth headsets) pass throughout the bottom.

The final connectivity is round lower back:  USB 3.2 ports (one Type-A and one Type-C), 4 USB 3.1 Type-A ports, twin Gigabit Ethernet jacks, and audio jacks consisting of S/PDIF, rear, center, microphone, line out, and line in.

The blanketed wi-fi antennas (now no longer proven in our photos) join on the pinnacle proper; they should be related for the Corsair’s .

Three DisplayPort connectors take a seat down subsequent to the electricity deliver. It could be fine to peer a VirtualLink port as properly, aleven though gadgets that use which might be hardly ever commonplace.

Vertical Cooling

The tiny triangles that dot the edges of the One Pro i200 make it appearance fancy, however they are now no longer for show…

Separate liquid cooling radiators for the CPU and pix card are coated up in opposition to the ones perforated facets for airflow, that’s ingeniously pulled via through a unmarried 140mm fan at the pinnacle of the chassis…

Additional airflow comes from an 80mm fan for the pix card and a 92mm one withinside the electricity deliver. They are not seen from out of doors the tower, of course.

If quietness is golden, then the One Pro i200 must value lots greater than it does. The machine is silent in the course of maximum normal operations, and I had hassle making out the fan noise even if I become jogging the Corsair complete tilt. The best surefire manner I should inform whether or not the fanatics have been jogging become to place my quit the pinnacle grille to peer if any heat air become wafting out. (Check out our Corsair One i160 evaluation for a better examine the cooling machine.)

One PC to Rule Them All

Now we’re going to take a look at the One Pro i200’s monstrously effective additives in our benchmarking round, in which I pitted it in opposition to numerous of our pinnacle computer picks. The desk beneathneath indicates their primary specifications.

This institution packs a few extreme firepower; no unit has much less than 32GB of RAM and an 8GB GPU. The large Dell Precision 5820 is the truest computer right here way to its Intel Xeon CPU and ECC reminiscence, aleven though the ones objects on my own might not make it stand out in our assessments. The maximum effective CPU award is going to the One Pro i200’s Core i9-10940X; its cores run at 3.3GHz and might scale to 4.7GHz. That isn’t always pretty as excessive because the 5GHz most of the Core i9-9900K withinside the HP and Asus towers, however it is going unsaid that the X-collection chip isn’t always missing for electricity. As a closing note, all however the Corsair duo use expert-grade Nvidia Quadro pix silicon; appearance to the computer-particular assessments to peer how they evaluate to the pinnacle-shelf GeForce playing cards withinside the Corsairs.

Storage, Media, and CPU Tests

The Corsair One Pro i200 commenced with a sturdy 6,308-factor displaying in PCMark 10, our popular machine overall performance assessment. While without problems beforehand of the One Pro i180, it is outscored through the HP due to the fact the take a look at favors higher-clocked CPUs with fewer cores. It’s apparent that none of those PCs could have any hassle with the duties PCMark 10 simulates, which includes workplace productivity, internet surfing, and videoconferencing. Meanwhile, the One Pro i200 wasn’t well suited with our PCMark eight garage take a look at, some thing that isn’t always uncommon for a computer.

Next up is a couple of CPU-crunching assessments: Cinebench R15 stresses all to be had processor cores and threads even as rendering a complicated image, even as our Handbrake video modifying benchmark information the time had to transcode a 12-minute 4K video right all the way down to 1080p.

The Core i9-10940X chip withinside the One Pro i200 become born to guide those benchmarks, offering  greater cores and 4 greater threads than the Core i9-9920X withinside the One Pro i180. It’s now no longer clocked pretty as excessive, however its 14 cores supply it the threshold in multithreaded assessments like those. The eight-center CPUs withinside the Asus, Dell, and HP computer systems are not withinside the equal league for this sort of workload.

With workstations like those, we additionally run POV-Ray 3.7, which flogs the CPU and its floating-factor unit in the course of the off-display screen rendering of a complicated three-D image. (Note that POV-Ray would not use the ray-tracing capabilities of Nvidia’s RTX-magnificence GPUs; it is in basic terms CPU-focused.)

The One Pro i200 retained its lead right here, as this take a look at absolutely makes use of all CPU cores and threads.

The very last take a look at on this segment is a picturegraph modifying exercise. We use an early 2018 launch of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud to use 10 complicated filters and consequences to a trendy JPEG image, timing every operation and including up the totals. This take a look at isn’t pretty as CPU-centric, bringing the overall performance of the garage subsystem, reminiscence, and GPU into play.

The HP’s higher-clocked Core i9-9900K helped it clinch the bottom time on this take a look at, aleven though the One Pro i200 wasn’t some distance behind. None of those computer systems will destroy a sweat in the course of superior Photoshop duties

Workstation and Graphics Tests

We use  gaming simulations to gauge a PC’s pix overall performance potential. In the first, UL’s 3DMark, we run  DirectX eleven subtests, the mainstream Sky Diver and greater traumatic Fire Strike. Our different pix benchmark is Unigine Corp.’s Superposition, which makes use of a special rendering engine to animate a complicated three-D scene.

Both Corsair computer systems carried out approximately the equal in those assessments, no huge marvel for the reason that they use the equal GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU. The closest runner-up is the HP; its Quadro RTX 5000 is equal to a GeForce RTX 2080. I’m now no longer setting an excessive amount of emphasis on those assessments considering the fact that workstations are not generally tasked with gaming duties. That said, there may be no motive the One Pro i200 could not be used for after-hours play, so I positioned it via our trendy gaming benchmark routine.

We use the integrated benchmarks in Far Cry five (at its Ultra preset beneathneath DirectX eleven) and Rise of the Tomb Raider (at its Very High preset beneathneath DirectX 12). The consequences are measured in frames according to second (fps), with as a minimum 60fps preferred for clean playability. At 4K resolution, the One Pro i200 performed 76fps in Far Cry five and 84fps in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Those are terrific numbers for a machine powered through an RTX 2080 Ti. It become properly over the 100fps mark in each video games at 1080p resolution (to the music of 119fps in Far Cry five and 144fps in Rise of the Tomb Raider), however you’ll be higher off with a Core i9-9900K if excessive-body-price gaming is your goal, as few titles can take benefit of as many cores because the Core i9-10940X gives. (See the benchmarks for the Maingear Vybe as evidence of that; it proves quicker at 1080p the use of a trendy RTX 2080.)

Now we’re going to pass directly to Cinebench R15’s OpenGL take a look at, which faucets the hardware rendering abilities of the GPU.

The RTX 2080 Ti pix playing cards withinside the Corsairs take a lower back seat to the Quadro playing cards withinside the others, that are higher optimized for the OpenGL utility programming interface (API).

Our subsequent, and maximum computer-savvy, benchmark is SPECviewperf 13, which renders and rotates strong and wireframe fashions the use of real-international viewsets from famous ISV apps.

The One Pro i200 confirmed brilliant overall performance for PTC’s Creo and Autodesk’s Maya, aleven though as with Cinebench OpenGL, neither it nor the One Pro i180 saved up with the Quadro opposition in Dassault Systemes’ SolidWorks. Both Corsairs should surely be used to run that software program; they simply would not be as properly suited.

Last, I informally ran an experimental model of OctaneBench(Opens in a brand new window) that rendered a unmarried scene to check the RTX ray tracing capabilities of the One Pro i200’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. The raise from the use of the RTX capabilities various from 2.seventy eight to five.five times. Those are astounding gains, despite the fact that few expert apps use RTX capabilities proper now.

A Snazzy (But Pricey) Creative Pick

The Corsair One Pro i200 packs the heavy lifting electricity of Intel’s X299 platform into an elegantly designed tower it is remarkably small in comparison to a conventional computing device computer. It’s whisper-quiet, even beneathneath load, and it has pretty much each bell and whistle you’ll need in a excessive-cease PC. It’s additionally an awful lot nicer to examine than a stereotypical massive tower.

That said, the marketplace for the One Pro i200 is a restrained one. While it is a totally sturdy performer, particularly on CPU-pushed duties, it would not provide expert GPU choices (aleven though its GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is an overachiever for maximum jobs) or an Intel Xeon CPU if you want ECC reminiscence. For the ones, you can pass even greater compact with the HP Z2 Mini G4, or step as much as a conventional tower just like the Dell Precision 5820, which could provide greater freedom for factor improvements down the line. And for gaming, Corsair’s lesser-priced One fashions with Core i7 or i9 K-collection processors provide same or higher body costs for much less money.

All that said, the One Pro i200 within reason priced for the sort of hardware it gives and is positive to fulfill in case you are after the maximum effective viable blend of overall performance and fashion.