Dell Inspiron Desktop (3880) Review


The Dell Inspiron Desktop version 3880 (begins offevolved at $470.39; $509.fifty nine as tested) is a modest general-motive price range computer in order to combination into any home-workplace setup. You’ll discover few frills—see the easy, super-compact layout and the shortage of USB Type-C ports—however the device does the activity for ordinary multitasking with its Core i5 processor and integrated Wi-Fi. If you want the layout, it is a secure buy, however the Acer Aspire TC-895-UA91 stays our pinnacle choose withinside the category, for turning in USB-C support, double the storage, and comparable overall performance at a decrease rate.

A Simple Space-Saver

If you do not have an awful lot table space, the Inspiron’s small footprint is probably sufficient of a draw on its own. The tower, such because it is, measures 12.eight with the aid of using 6.1 with the aid of using 11.five inches (HWD) and weighs 10.eight pounds. That’s now no longer very tall or wide. It may not pass lower back very a ways to your table (or soak up an awful lot ground space, if it is your preference), and it is clean to transport with one arm.

The visible layout could be very easy, however now no longer absolutely without stylization. It’s an all-black rectangle, with a nice sufficient striped sample at the the front panel. The complete appearance and length befit the machine’s rate and motive as a no-fuss, plug-and-play computer. 

Dell Inspiron Desktop (3880) the front view

There’s lots of capability to be had, aleven though. The the front panel gives 4 USB Type-A ports ( USB 3.1 and, in addition to an SD card slot. There’s a slot in which an optical force can be, however our check unit did not have one.

The relaxation of the ports are placed round lower back, consisting of  extra USB 3.1 Type-A ports and  extra USB ports, HDMI and VGA video outputs, and an Ethernet jack. By now, you’ve got observed which you get no USB Type-C ports, the most effective essential lacking link.

Dell Inspiron Desktop (3880) rear ports

USB-C isn’t always essential, exactly, however it a few bureaucracy it may provide multiplied records switch speeds and helps you to use USB-C peripherals with none adapters. Since it is more and more more the standard, even amongst reasonably-priced PCs (in particular laptops), the exclusion can be an inconvenience. On the connectivity plus aspect, the device is rounded out with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which is not a given for price range desktops.

Interior Access and Components

A construct like that is extraordinarily easy, however it is crucial that allows you to without problems open the case for renovation or upgrades. Fortunately, loosening  thumbscrews withinside the rear (they’ll be tight sufficient that you will have an less difficult time with a screwdriver) lets in you to cast off the left aspect panel.

Dell Inspiron Desktop (3880) left aspect

The indoors is a ways from the flashiest you will ever see, however that is a function-first, low cost device—depart the flowery issue layouts to high priced gaming PCs. Inside, you will discover a metallic shroud enclosing the energy deliver down below, and a black plastic air flow funnel over the CPU that creates an immediate path to the rear fan. This is without problems eliminated with the aid of using pinching  blue clips and pulling, revealing the easy air-cooling block and processor beneath.

Dell Inspiron Desktop (3880) indoors with shroud

With that defend out of the way, you may get a examine the complete setup. Our version is equipped with an Intel Core i5-10400 processor, 8GB of reminiscence, and a 256GB solid-country force. There are  reminiscence slots, with one loose and one occupied with the aid of using a unmarried 8GB DIMM stick in our configuration. 

Dell Inspiron Desktop (3880) indoors with out shroud

The energy deliver in our version is a Dell-specific (now no longer ATX) 200-watt unit, aleven though Dell gives better alternatives (as much as 260 watts) with a few fashions to permit higher components. Your alternatives for a discrete GPU are quite limited: The maximum effective photos card provided with the aid of using Dell in configurations of the Inspiron 3880 is an Nvidia GeForce GT 1030, right for low-stop gaming at maximum. Replacing the energy deliver your self to put in and juice up a extra effective video card seems like a no-pass, given the small shape thing and nonstandard energy connections to the board.