Elevenkicks com Reviews Is Elevenkicks Legit?


Do you want to find stylish sneakers? Are there discounts at any store? These questions are still unanswered. Instead, read today’s article about Elevenkicks, which essentially deals with all kinds of fashionable sneakers.

People all over the globe prefer sneakers to shoes when they hit the markets, so there is a growing demand. High-quality, durable footwear is what people are looking for in online shops. Before we show you the collection of Elevenkicks, we want to answer the following question: Are Elevenkicks legit?

Elevenkicks: Is the store secure?

Let’s examine some aspects of the site to determine if the displayed collection is genuine or not.

  1. This site is not new. It was registered in August 22, 2020.
  2. The fraud advisor has given a trust rating of 60% which means that there is low risk in using the portal’s services.
  3. The website does not contain the information of the company’s owner. In addition, WHOIS data is hidden.
  4. Alexa has classified the store as 659835
  5. Reddit users have shared Elevenkicks reviews.
  6. Social media icons are used to redirect users to the correct accounts on the website. The store is very popular on Instagram, and there has been a lot of feedback from customers.
  7. Customers are not provided with the correct contact information by the store. The portal does not contain a physical address.
  8. Returned items are only accepted if they meet certain conditions. There is no return address.
  9. The company doesn’t have a page about it.
  10. PayPal is the best way to make payments to the store.

Is Elevenkicks Legit? – There are many problems with the store that raise suspicions. So be cautious when you use their services.

What are Elevenkicks?

Elevenkicks is an online shoe store that offers a variety of brand-name sneakers. The store sells stylish and colorful sneakers that catch our attention on its homepage.

This company sells shoes from many brands, including Nike, Balenciage, Adidas, and Balenciage. Each product comes with exclusive discounts. You can also find the latest sneaker styles, so make sure to check them out.

We found negative signs in stores that made us reconsider buying shoes from them.

Specifications for Elevenkicks

* Type of portal: The store sells fashionable sneakers.

* E-mail address – [email protected]

* Whatsapp Number – 8615880309024

* Delivery time: 3-5 business days

* Cancellation Policy: Orders can be cancelled prior to shipment

* Return policy – no details are shared

* Payment options for buyers – PayPal

* Product-specific shipping costs may apply.

Elevenkicks pros

* There are discounts available

* The company uses secure connections.

Advantages of Elevenkicks

* The physical address is not available.

* Only a few comments will be shared.

* No return details will be shared.

* The About page is missing.

* There are limited payment options

What Elevenkicks reviews are?

Eight months ago, the store was first introduced to e-commerce. However, only a handful of people commented on it. The store’s shoe selection was very appealing to them.

Also, we found Elevenkicks received high marks on the portal. However, we can’t rely on their feedback when purchasing. Only reliable feedback can establish the legality and legitimacy of the store.

The YouTube channel for the store has less than 100 subscribers. The Instagram store page, however, has more than three thousand followers. The new collection was liked by many.

There are very few comments so far. This is a problem when answering the legal question “Is Elevenkicks?”


A selection of sneakers were displayed in the store. For the convenience of customers, discounts are offered. However, Elevenkicks can be a hindrance to our ability to shop in the store.

This store looks suspicious and requires more feedback from buyers to confirm its legality. Buyers are faced with a problem because the portal page does not provide information about the company’s establishment, return date, and reimbursement.

We have tried our best to answer the legal question “Is Elevenkicks?”

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