eSports: What is the Real Money of Professional Gamers?


Sometimes eSports professionals still receive a lot of criticism because they almost exclusively play games. How could they refuse a job that allows you to excel at a sport you love? Aren’t these the same things that pro athletes in other sports do?

Only difference is that eSports professionals do not perform physical tasks. They are still the best at what their profession requires (why else would they be called professionals?) and they get handsomely paid for their talents. But how much do professional gamers really make?

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Here’s a quick look at eSports Salary Information gives a rough estimate of the salaries for professional gamers. You can expect to earn between $1,000 and $5,000 per month if you are able to join an official team. This is a minimum of $12,000 up to a maximum $60,0000 per year. This is the amount that a well-paid US office worker makes in a year. If you are a good gamer, it could be a full-time position.

This is just an estimate. Each eSports league has its own pay scale. You can’t expect a “CS:GO” professional to earn the same amount as a “League of Legends” pro. This is also true for other eSports such as “Overwatch,” Fortnite, and “DOTA 2.”

According to AFKGaming, the highest-paid eSports professionals can expect to make as high as $35,000 per month. That’s a staggering $420k annually. “DOTA2” is the eSports title that pays the highest salaries to its top players. Many of the best-paid eSports pros around the globe are “DOTA2” pros.

Prize Money Pools for eSports

The tournament they are playing in determines how much a pro-gamer earns. Different games pay different eSports players.

A game with a strong eSports reputation can be expected to have a large prize pool. Take a look at “Fortnite.” The 2019 Fortnite World Cup saw a total prize pool of $30 million awarded to its winners. Kyle “Bugha”, Giersdorf was one of the winners. He won $3 million after defeating 99 other players. It’s not bad for playing videogames, is it?

The prize pool for “Fortnite,” however, is still lower than that of “DOTA 2”. DotESports reports that the game’s annual The International tournament broke eSports record for nine consecutive years. This culminated in a $34.4million maximum prize pool. These are the main reasons “DOTA 2” gamers are amongst the highest-paid professionals gamers in the world.

Other income sources

You can say what you like about professional gamers and the careers they choose. They are resourceful and nothing but the best. They are aware that they will need other income streams in order to make as much as possible. Sponsorships and Twitch streaming are two examples of alternative income streams.

Professional gamers can earn a lot more if they play their cards well. Consider streaming on Twitch as an example. According to DotESports, Felix “xQc”, Lengyel, a streamer, earned more than $1.9 million last year from streaming alone.

Sponsorships can vary greatly. A brand can view a professional player as valuable and offer them whatever amount of money they wish. Some brands might be willing to sponsor multi-million-dollar deals, or even six figures per year for five years. It all depends on the company that sponsors the event.