Harry Potter Sequels: This Is The Closest We’ll Ever Get To The Real Thing


George Norman Lippert was like many J.K. Rowling lovers. It was difficult for him to leave Harry Potter’s world after so many years.

Like all other stories, he wrote his own story. He envisioned a “next generation” of Rowling stories featuring James Sirius Potter. This was Harry Potter and Ginny’s first born child. The story of Lippert centres on young James’ adventures on the Hogwarts Express. He makes new friends and embarks upon magical adventures of his own.

Lippert had already written 400 pages.

┬áHis wife encouraged him to post his “fanfic” online. He made it freely available to all who requested it, and it was a big hit with Harry Potter fans.

James fights a new movement called the “Progressive Element”, which is a group of wizards who want to share the magic universe with Muggles in order to start war. James must decide if his family’s name can be lived up to.

Lippert wrote a series of James Potter novels a few years later.

┬áThe series is called “Offshoot” and features a side character from the James Potter books.

J.K. Rowling can’t place Lipperts work under the official “canonical seal”, but he claims they are aware of Harry Potter’s successes and stories. He also says that they have been very cordial and encouraging. Rowling has stated repeatedly that she doesn’t intend to revisit Harry Potter and his friends. Pottermore.com has only a handful of biographies. If you’re looking for a Potter fix, this may be the best choice.

Rowling has already sent Warner Bros. a script for a possible film series that would be set within her wizarding universe. It features a new character named Newt Scamander, who is the fictional “magical creature specialist” who wrote Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. Harry wasn’t born until decades after Scamander travelled the globe. Warner Bros. expects a November 2016 release.