How Do I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction?


This disorder poses a great impact on self-esteem and relations. However, every issue in the bedroom is not related to erectile dysfunction. Many guys have amatterwith erections but that does not ensure that you are woe from this sickness. Then, exactly how will you see that you have ED?

The ability to arouse is a tough procedure. The mind, feelings, nerves, hormones, and blood vessels stanceanvital role in the stimulation of men. When all the above-mentioned things are not in line then it leads to erectile dysfunction.

The concentration also plays anvital role in sex. Mental health can make this disorder worst. The health problems either physical or mental can make ED worst. It slows down the response.  The intermittent or occasional issues do not always lead to erectile dysfunction but the signs are decreased sex desire, and inability to maintain and get an erection. If you have any issues then you can interact with a specialist, and he will ask you to buy Cenforce 100.

Risk population for ED

You are at the danger of erectile dysfunction if:

  • Old
  • Psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Have a history of a medical issues like diabetes and cardiac issue
  • Consumption of tobacco
  • Use of alcohol and drugs
  • Obese
  • If you are taking cancer treatment
  • If you gulptablets like high blood pressure medicines and antidepressants.
  • The injury that damages arteries and nerves

Can ED be prevented?

It is not possible to prevent erectile dysfunction but you can manage the disorder. If you are fit then you have rarerprobabilities to writhe from ED. You must cut the strain and manage situations like cardiac disease and diabetes. You can also tackle mental health issues. You must exercise daily and limit the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs.

How to know if it is ED?

ED can be confused with sex issues. The below-mentioned things can occur in the case of erectile dysfunction.

  • Early ejaculation- the ejaculation transpires before dispersion
  • Short libido- Abridged interest in sex.
  • Anorgasmia- not able to orgasm after stimulation
  • Delayed ejaculation- the ejaculation takes a long time after the penetration.

ED can also occur at a similar time with these conditions. If you want to know the correct diagnosis then interacts with a specialist. He will tell about erection patterns, libido changes, and concerns about ejaculation. It can also be a warning sign of something dangerous like diabetes and cardiac issues. You must talk with the clinician for understanding the risks. He will prescribe you to take Vidalista 20.

How ED can be treated?

ED incorporates medicines, lifestyle modifications, and psychotherapy. When any disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes can result in ED. The medicines that are consumed can also result in erectile dysfunction. Psychotherapy is supportive in conditions like relationship issues and anxiety.

The oral medicines for treating ED are PDE5 inhibitors that enhance the flow of blood to the vital organ. Certain medicines are Fildena 100 whichhelps treat ED. If the medicines are not effective in therapy then suppositories, injections, and penile pumps can also be used.

Erectile dysfunction is anillnessthat can disturb the totalclass of life. ED is condensedcuriosity in sex and is a cautionary sign for other grave health issues.

This disorder poses a great impact on self-esteem and relations. However, every issue in the bedroom is not related to erectile dysfunction. Many guys have a matter with erections but that does not ensure that you are woe from this sickness. Then, exactly how will you see that you have ED?

You can call your doctor and decide the treatment plan. The possible treatment therapies are:

  • Counseling- You can take treatment for depression, anxiety, and other mental issues. If you have relationship problems then counseling couples is the best option.
  • Lifestyle modifications- You must change your lifestyle by exercising daily, managing medical things, avoiding alcohol, limit the use of tobacco and drugs.
  • Prescription medicines- The doctor might prescribe you medicines for erectile dysfunction. You must read all the instructions carefully before the use of medicines.
  • Physical treatments- The other options like penile implants or penis pumps are effective in the patients that are getting benefits from medicines.

Emotional causes of ED

The various emotional reasons for erectile dysfunction are depression, fear of sex failure, anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, and low sex performance.

Behavior related causes of ED

Various behavioral issues can lead to erectile dysfunction. They are drinking alcohol, smoking, obese, and not physically active.

Diseases that cause ED

Various conditionsthat lead to ED are heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, prostate cancer, and surgery of the bladder.

If you want to know whether you are suffering from ED or not then talk to a doctor. The doctor will tell you about signs of ED. You can analyze the signs and discuss treatment therapy accordingly. The doctor will give you different therapies such as counseling, medicines, and other technologies.

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