How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard


These days, our desks are multi-reason struggle stations. We consume lunch or snacks as we reply to Slack messages or play PC video games after hours. We additionally allow our laptop setups accumulate dirt as soon as we retreat to the couch (or, allow’s be honest, bed) with our laptops.

Dirt and meals crumbs could make for a messy keyboard, that’s unhygienic however also can disrupt your peripheral’s functionality. Don’t allow Dorito dirt wreak havoc for your typing gear. As spring—and two-yr WFH anniversaries—approach, it is time to clean extra than your hands.

If it is now no longer a standalone keyboard, we let you smooth your complete laptop. Otherwise, it is time to accumulate your cleansing elements and find out how quality to spruce up a keyboard.

Turn It Upside Down

The easiest, and maximum apparent step, is to show the keyboard upside down, thump the bottom, and shake out all of the yuck you could. Unplug the keyboard out of your laptop or flip off its wi-fi function, then choose it up and turn it so the keys are dealing with a floor you do not thoughts getting grimy for a moment.

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Tap the bottom (now no longer too hard), conserving it at loads of special angles. You have to be capable of get the majority of the unfastened stuff out this manner. Expect a cascade of crumbs, poppy seeds, and the like, relying for your preferred snacks.

If you are the use of a keyboard with detachable keycaps (mechanical keyboards, especially, have a tendency to characteristic these), take the ones off and shake out the keyboard with out them withinside the manner. Tap the bottom of the keyboard to make certain that it is freed from whatever clinging onto the floor.

The very last step right here might be to comb the dust and particles bit off the table or desk with a broom and dustpan…and attempt now no longer to get too queasy even as you mirror on snacks lengthy past. If matters nonetheless appearance grungy, preserve reading. There are some different matters you could do.

Brush Out the Muck

Dirty keyboards are the sort of plague that mainly designed keyboard brushes(Opens in a brand new window) exist in all styles and sizes that will help you sweep out the crumbs, hair, and different styles of crud you may discover amid your tainted QWERTY layout. Available in cleansing kits or on their own, nylon cleansing brushes can resemble a small hand-held duster, an ink pen, or maybe the comb on a car-window ice scraper.

If you do not sense like spending cash on a committed brush, you could use family replacements, along with a fashionable toothbrush or a discarded baby-bottle brush, to smooth up your keyboard—no fancy, specialised gear necessary. Simply run the comb thru the distance among your keys and—voila—your keyboard is as smooth because the day you got it.

brush keyboard

That assumes the gunk is not caught to the edges of the keys themselves, as is frequently the case. If so, you could want a stiffer brush. (Toothbrushes are quite excellent for dislodging that caked-on stuff.)

Photo: Zlata Ivleva

For PC users, canned air(Opens in a brand new window) is an crucial purchase, whether or not you need to smooth out your keyboard or your gunked-up case fans. For keyboards in particular, it is able to blow an awful lot of the dirt from your manner with out an awful lot effort. All you need to do is insert the straw-like plastic hose withinside the nose of the can, and you are geared up to blast away.