How to connect your Samsung Galaxy Watch to your iPhone


A prominent tipter leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s classic design, which is reminiscent of the original smartwatch by South Korean tech giant Samsung.

Android Authority claims that it looks like a regular watch but is more stylish than many smartwatches, including Apple’s.

It is possible to pair the Samsung Galaxy Watch with an iPhone. But how would that work?

Many people will choose a Samsung Galaxy Watch instead of other smartwatches. The problem is that most of them use an iPhone or Android phone instead of a Samsung Galaxy Watch. You can still use both devices, which is the good news.

Connecting a Samsung Galaxy Watch and an iPhone

We’re here to help you today. The Galaxy Watch, especially if it comes out with the Galaxy Watch 3, will be able connect to iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or later. This is available for iPhones 5 and older models.

iPhone 6S+ and 6S+ users running iOS 10 or later may experience stability issues. TechWiser says it is easy to connect any Samsung Galaxy Watch to an iPhone. You can download the Galaxy Watch App from the App Store, and then turn on your Bluetooth

Click “Pair a New Device” and then choose your phone’s model. Follow the instructions on both phones.

Once you have connected, the Galaxy Watch app should display the home screen on your iPhone. This allows you to modify specific settings such as sound, notifications, display and display.

You can’t use the smartwatch camera because it doesn’t have an app built in, nor does its App Store.

Samsung Galaxy Watch supported features

These features are only partially supported.

Text messaging

A Samsung Galaxy Watch paired to an iPhone doesn’t support texting. You will be notified about new messages if you are using third-party apps. However, you won’t have the ability to reply with your smartwatch. You can still open the message to read it.

The Galaxy Watch works with iOS 9.0 or later.

Voice assistant

Samsung’s own AI, Bixby was launched in 2017. Bixby can now be activated on the Samsung Galaxy Watch and you can command it to perform simple tasks.

Siri will not be able to help you when the smartwatch is connected. Instead, it will tell you to go back to your iPhone. You can trust Bixby to provide simple commands, as it does an amazing job on the Galaxy Watch.


If you connect your iPhone to a Galaxy Watch you will miss the Email app. This is disappointing news for those who depend on email for their work.

However, you will still get a notification on your watch if an email has been received. This is considered acceptable by some, as the interface of the watch is not applicable to typing, so you can still use your phone to do that.

App Store

You might have guessed that the App Store is only partially functional when connected to an iPhone by Samsung Galaxy Watch. This means you will not be able see some apps and may not be able use them.

There are many fully supported apps and features.

  • Calling
  • Notifications
  • Monitor heart rate
  • Sleep tracking
  • Locate my Device
  • Controller for PPT
  • Track your fitness
  • Music

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch and possibly the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are a great pair with an iPhone, despite a few missing apps and partially supported functions.