How To Fix Black Screen/No Picture Issue On Sony Bravia?


Sony Bravia TVs normally have splendid colour accuracy and are designed to provide you the first-rate viewing experience. However, like some thing else on earth Earth, they could spoil down. In particular, you would possibly observe a black display or no image for your Sony Bravia TV whilst you least assume it. The properly information is that we let you to restoration this difficulty fast.

So, how do I restoration the black display/no image on Sony Bravia? You can reset the TV via way of means of plugging it out of the socket, ready 1 minute, then plugging it returned in, make sure your related gadgets haven’t malfunctioned, set the image panel calibration off, make sure there’s no HDMI connection difficulty, update or restoration the backlight, alternate the T-con board, replace the firmware through USB, relying on the character of the problem.                                                           

If you comply with the proper procedure, you may restoration the black display or no image for your Sony Bravia in no minute. Read on for a step-via way of means of-step manual on how you may do this. Check out the listing of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now! 

Why Is There No Picture on My Sony Bravia TV?

A transient malfunction is probable the underlying cause there’s no image for your Sony Bravia TV if you may see the indicator blink red. Devices related on your TV also can reason the identical difficulty, mainly in the event that they have malfunctioned and are inflicting an overload. A statistics connection difficulty also can have the identical effect.

If the standby indicator is off, the electricity twine or AC adaptor will be unfastened or disconnected.

Problems together along with your HDMI connection also can result in the failure of photos related on your gadgets from being displayed.

Moreover, an OLED Sony Bravia also can have comparable photograph problems if it enters the standby mode to carry out panel calibration.

Why Is My Sony TV Screen Black But Has Sound?

If your Sony TV display is black however has sound, it’d have encountered an blunders that handiest goals the sound system. This applies if the indicator turns red. In this case, you shouldn’t be involved with the capability of the electricity twine or AC adaptor.

It’s additionally viable that your TV’s backlight has malfunctioned and calls for replacement. Problems together along with your HDMI connection are any other capacity responsible component.

Sony Bravia TV Turns On But No Picture, What to Do?

  1. Reset the Television

If your Sony Bravia activates however no image, take a look at whether or not its standby indicator blinks red.  If so, you want to reset it. Here are the stairs you want to comply with to do this:

Turn off the TV (watch for 5 mins after turning the tv off if it’s a projection TV that makes use of an inner lamp. This will permit the lamp sufficient time to chill earlier than you may continue to the following step).

  • Unplug the TV electricity twine out of your electric outlet
  • Allow the TV to stay with out electricity for at the least 60 seconds.

Plug the mains lead returned into the electric outlet (Remember to get rid of your surge 

protector or electricity strip if the TV is plugged into one).

Turn for your Sony Bravia

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  1. Check Whether the Connected Devices Have Malfunctioned

To take a look at whether or not your related gadgets are inflicting the difficulty and fasten it, you have to do this:

Turn off the tv

Disconnect all of your related gadgets from the TV

Turn at the tv and make sure it now no longer blinks red ( has no problems)

If the TV has no problems, reconnect the disconnected gadgets to the TV one via way of means of one

If the indicator begins offevolved blinking after you’ve related a specific tool, recollect changing it

  1. Set the Picture Panel Calibration Off

For OLED TV displays that pass clean after you switch at the tv, you have to make sure the Picture panel calibration is off via way of means of following those steps:

Open the Setting menu

Use the Quick Setting button (If your version became launched in 2019 or later)

Select the Settings icon

(To use the Home menu, press the Home button at the far flung and pick out the Settings icon)

Follow this type of steps, relying for your TV menu alternatives:

  • Select Device Preferences → Retail mode settings → Picture reset mode.
  • Select Retail mode settings → Picture reset mode.
  • Select System → Retail mode settings → Picture reset mode.
  • Select Off

Ensure There’s No HDMI Connection Issue

If there’s no image whilst you are the usage of an HDMI connection, you have to troubleshoot the difficulty via way of means of doing this:

Ensure the tv is ready to acquire the HDMI signal. Press the enter button for your far flung 

again and again till you spot the proper HDMI enter displayed at the tv.

Ensure the related tool is became on.

Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable. To do this, you have to:

Turn off your related gadgets.

Disconnect the HDMI enter terminal for your Sony Bravia.

Disconnect the cable out of your HDMI output terminal at the related tool.

Reconnect the HDMI cable to the identical terminals at the gadgets and the TV.

Turn at the tv in addition to the gadgets after which flip them off. Turn them on again.

Ensure the enter technique of your audio structures corresponds with the video output tool.

Be positive the related tool is configured to output via the HDMI connection.

Perform a electricity reset the usage of the stairs we’ve visible above.

Try the usage of a specific HDMI cable.

Sony Bravia Backlight On But No Picture, What To Do?

Sony makes use of backlight Bravia from in the back of the panel to reveal photographs. This approach it’s now no longer running, and also you have to update it.

If there’s too little backlighting, your TV is probably on however produce no image. Other elements we’ve taken into consideration above also can reason this difficulty. Some of those are a transient malfunction, issues together along with your related gadgets, and HDMI connection problems. If you watched that any of those are the underlying problems, you may use the identical pointers we’ve mentioned collectively above to restoration them.

If the entirety seems ok, however you may’t spot photos at the display, you have to recollect whether or not the backlighting isn’t always shiny sufficient. Here’s how you may pass approximately this:

1.Check the Backlight Brightness

Power at the TV and set it on a channel that commonly has best photographs on it.

On the far flung control, press Menu. From the collection of alternatives that pop up, pick out Picture. Use the down arrow button to scroll via the alternatives till you attain Backlight.

Use your proper and left arrow buttons to boom the backlight. A moderate adjustment have to be capable of restoration the difficulty.

  1. Replace the T-con board

Unscrew the returned of your TV first

Locate the T-con board this is positioned withinside the center of your TV, it have to additionally in shape your TV’s serial number(you may take a look at it withinside the pinnacle proper nook of the board)

Remove the panel to get admission to the board

Disconnect the white ribbon cables

Replace the board, as soon as again, take a look at cautiously if it’s miles the proper board kind

  1. Update your TV through USB

Go to the Sony website, kind to your TV version number, down load the firmware updates

Extract it and switch it on your USB stick

Plug the USB force into the TV, electricity the TV on, and watch for the TV to examine the force and deployation the updates

When the Sony mild glows constant white mild, it approach the updates are installed

  1. Reset your TV

Unplug the electricity twine of your TV, watch for 30 seconds, plug it returned in.

Sony Bravia Green Light On But No Picture, What to Do?

A stable inexperienced mild at the the front of your Sony Bravia approach the tv electricity is on.  A inexperienced mild that blinks every time you press a button at the far flung shows that the TV gets alerts from the far flung. So, in case your Sony Bravia is emitting the inexperienced mild, however you may’t see any image, you have to pass in advance and troubleshoot the difficulty.

Here are the stairs that let you restoration it:

Unplug the electricity twine of your TV, watch for 30 seconds, plug it returned in(Recommended)

Update your TV’s firmware through USB stick

Your backlight is probably malfunctioning or wishes changing

Disable all electricity-saving functions from the menu

Check whether or not your HDMI connection is withinside the proper running condition

Ensure neither the TV nor the related gadgets have malfunctioned

Set the image panel calibration Off

Reset the tv

Note: We’ve visible the precise steps you want to acquire every of the desires above. Remember, every of the above factors represents a likely solution. Check out the listing of the Best Streaming Devices on Amazon now!

Summing Up

No rely the character of your Sony Bravia’s display problem, you may restoration it. The returned display or no image is one of the maximum not unusualplace ones, however this difficulty have to now no longer scare you any more now which you have the talents required to troubleshoot and fasten it in mins. Prioritize the usage of those pointers. If they don’t paintings for you, you’ll have a robust cause to trust your TV need to be serviced.