How to Fix It When Attachments Aren’t Showing in Outlook


Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine if you have correctly uploaded an attached file in Outlook. Sometimes, you may have trouble viewing attachments that others send to you. Here are some things to do if Outlook doesn’t allow you to see attachments.

This article applies to Outlook 2019, 2013, 2013, 2010, and as well Outlook for Microsoft 365.

Why Outlook Attachments aren’t working?

Outlook can’t display attachments if it isn’t configured properly, your antivirus software, or the limitations of your device. Outlook attachments may not load correctly if you have a slow or insufficient internet connection. Attachments can be prevented from loading if you try to download multiple files simultaneously or use other internet-intensive applications.


How to fix Outlook attachments not showing in Outlook

These tips will help you to add or view email attachments in Outlook.

  1. Get in touch with the sender. It is possible that the original sender has not uploaded the files correctly or forgot to include them in the email. You may also receive a link to the file rather than an attachment. You can send them a message asking them to send the files again.

  2. Search for the Paperclip icon If you don’t know how to upload an attach file in Outlook, you will see the option to attach files as a paperclip either above or below your email compose box.

    A paperclip will be added to your inbox if a message includes an attachment.

  3. Drag-and-drop files. If you can’t see the attachment option for whatever reason, you can attach files by dragging-and-dropping in Outlook. Drag the file that you wish to attach onto your computer into the compose box.

  4. Select the pop-out option. You can view attachments within an email and compose a reply by selecting Pop Out in your message compose box. This will allow you to see both the original email as well as attachments, while you write your message in a separate browser.

    Outlook may have the Pop-Out option in Open new window or a box with an arrow appearing at the top-right corner.

  5. Reload Outlook. Close Outlook, re-open the email and check if attachments are not visible. Sometimes, this may force Outlook to redownload files from the server.

  6. Check your internet connectivity. The attachments may not load if your Outlook app downloaded the text of the new emails while you were offline. Check that your device is connected to the Internet or your Data Plan, and then try opening the email again.

  7. Show all. may not allow you to see all attachments in a single message if you are reading them on This is to ensure that images don’t take up too much screen space. To see all of the attachments , select Under the visible photos.

  8. Disable antivirus software. Antivirus software can stop email clients loading attachments correctly. Although this is generally a good thing, email attachments can sometimes contain malware and computer viruses.

    After viewing attachments, make sure you turn off your antivirus software.

  9. Change the file extension. Microsoft Outlook blocks attachments that contain executable files (e.g. EXE) files. Microsoft provides instructions on opening blocked attachments in Outlook and changing the file extension within the Windows Registry.

  10. Use a file-sharing service. Outlook restricts attachments to 20 MB default. You can use file sharing services like Dropbox or OneDrive if you need large files such as movies, software, or whole photo albums. Another option is Google Drive.

  11. Request to modify your Outlook security settings. Outlook security settings could be blocking attachments if you use Outlook in a work environment. This can be especially problematic for Outlook via Exchange Server users. Ask the administrator or tech support for assistance in setting up security settings.

  12. Instead, use a messaging app. With just a few taps, messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger allow you to send files to all your contacts. You can also send files via VoIP services such as Skype or Line.

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  • How can I send an email to Outlook as an attachment?

    To send an email as an attachment to Outlook select the email that you wish to forward, then go to the Home tab. Select More Response Actions Attachment in the Respond Section. Enter the email address that you wish to forward, then type a message. Finally, select Send.

  • How can I attach an email to Outlook?

    Outlook allows you to attach files to emails by going to Message > Insert > Attach File depending on which version of Outlook. To attach a document, image or text file, select it.

  • What attachment size can you send to Outlook?

    Outlook 2013 and later versions have a 20MB limit for attachments. You can upload larger files to OneDrive or Dropbox if you need to. The file can then be sent to an email with a link