How To Return Directv Equipment – Easy And Quick Ways Revealed


FedEx and UPS are the fastest ways to return Directv equipment. You can use the Returning Brand that was shipped with your equipment or with a Directv Return Kit.

Consider These Things

  • You can return your equipment within 21 calendar days of the date that the company changes or disconnects to avoid a price increase.
  • DirecTV accepts only unchanged equipment.
  • DirecTV/ATT may charge you a ruined equipment fee if you send back damaged equipment.
  • Contact DirecTV if you have any questions about returns or if your return box is not received.

FedEx and UPS allow you to return directv equipment

  • Visit the nearest UPS or FedEx office.
  • The 9-digit bill number is located at the top of your mailbox. You will also find your bill number.
  • FedEx and UPS stores will pack the equipment for you and ship it to your company free of charge.
  • You will receive a cancellation notice from the company canceling your return.

Return Directv Equipment using a Return Label

  • Use the parts in the box you received with your new equipment to pack it up.
  • Take off the delivery loss section on the return label
  • Place the return label with the brand of the delivery company around it.
  • All labels must be removed
  • If the return label is not required, it will not be returned to AT&T/Directv.
  • Drop your DIRECTV or Repaired Wireless Net at a FedEx office or post office.
  • Drop off your U-verse TV box at a licensed UPS drop-off point.

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Use the Return Kit to Return Directv Equipment

  • Directv customer service can be reached to let them know you would like your receiver returned.
  • Wait for the prepaid return brand and kit to arrive.
  • All of your equipment should be packed in a single box.
  • You will need to add the prepaid delivery brand at the top of the box.
  • Send the deal to your post courier, or hand it to the post office.