How to Type ° Degree Symbol in macOS


    Unlike maximum not unusualplace symbols that you may without problems locate for your Mac’s keyboard, the ° image doesn’t have a devoted key for it. That means, each time you need to kind the diploma image for your Mac, you probable look for it on Google and copy-paste it into the record you’re running on. However, there’s a far less difficult manner to kind the diploma (°) image in macOS, and that’s precisely what we’re going to study on this article.

    How to Insert a Degree Symbol on Mac

    There are more than one methods to kind the diploma ° image in Mac. We will speak a lot of these techniques on this article, and you may use anyone of those for typing the diploma image without problems. As always, you may use the desk of contents underneath to test out whichever technique fits your desires best.

    1. Use the Degree (°) Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

    By far, the perfect manner to kind the diploma image in macOS is through the use of the devoted keyboard shortcuts. Here’s what those shortcuts are.

    Option+Shift+eight:This is the real keyboard shortcut for typing the diploma image on Mac (°)

    Option+K: This is the keyboard shortcut to kind the diacritic mark (˚), which appears just like the diploma image, however is smaller, and the utilization is exclusive. Though you may use it to mean stages on your documents, we’d endorse sticking with the option + shift + K shortcut.

    Option + 0 (zero): This is every other mark, which, even as comparable in look to the diploma image, is certainly very exclusive in utilization. This is the masculine ordinal indicator (º) You can study extra approximately it over right here.

    These shortcuts paintings throughout macOS, no matter the app you’re typing in. So whether or not you’re writing an internet article (as I am), or modifying a record in Word, Libre Office, or every other textual content editor for Mac, you may use those shortcuts to kind diploma (°), diacritic (˚) or the masculine ordinal indicator (º).

    1. Type Degree Symbol on Mac Using Emoji Keyboard

    Alternatively, you may additionally use the Emoji and Symbols keyboard to insert diploma temperature image for your macOS device. Here’s the way to use it.

    Press ‘control + command + space‘ while modifying textual content in any software program for your Mac. You will see the emoji keyboard appear.

    Note: You also can open up the emoji keyboard through heading to “Edit -> Emoji & Symbols” withinside the menu bar

    emoji and logos keyboard macos

    Here, look for ‘diploma’ withinside the seek box, and pick the diploma icon. You also can pick °F and °C without delay from right here if needed.

    diploma image in emoji keyboard mac.

    1. Type Degree Symbol on New MacBooks with Globe Key

    New MacBooks, in addition to new Apple keyboards have a Globe key along side the Fn (function) key. You can use this to fast open up the Emoji & Symbols keyboard and sort the diploma image.

    When typing, simply press the globe key for your keyboard and the emoji keyboard will pop-up. Now, you may look for ‘diploma’ and sort the diploma image (°) without problems.

    emoji and logos keyboard macos.

    1. Use Text Replacement to Type Degree Symbol on macOS

    Even aleven though the keyboard shortcut shift + option + eight is pretty an smooth manner to kind the diploma image on a Mac, if you’re seeking out a good extra seamless technique to do the same, you may use textual content alternative to attain this. Here’s the way to use textual content alternative to kind diploma image on Mac.

    Open System Preferences and pass to ‘Keyboard’.

    keyboard alternatives withinside the mac settings app

    On the pinnacle navigation bar, click on on ‘Text’.

    alternatives interior macos keyboard settings

    Here, you may create custom textual content replacements. Click on the ‘+’ icon.

    create new textual content alternative macos

    Type the custom textual content you need to use. For example, I need to use “:deg” to kind the ° image, so I’m typing “:deg” withinside the ‘Replace’ column.

    create new textual content alternative for typing diploma image in mac

    In the ‘With’ column, kind the diploma image the use of the shift + command + eight keyboard shortcut.

    diploma image textual content alternative macos

    That’s it, now each time you kind “:deg” and hit the distance bar, macOS will update it with the diploma (°) image automatically.

    You Can Type Degree Signs With Ease on Your Mac

    Well, the ones have been the numerous techniques you may use to kind diploma image (°) in macOS. As you may see, there are keyboard shortcuts you may use, a devoted emoji and logos keyboard, and you may even utilise textual content alternative in Mac to fast kind diploma image each time you want it. So, which technique of typing ° on Mac are you going to use? Let us understand withinside the comments