New Home Checklist Before You Put Your Roots Down


Moving into a new place can be hectic and overwhelming if you do not plan for it in a sequenced manner. Finding a good home to start a new life comes with its own challenges. Before you put your roots down, you need to be careful about choosing a new place to call home.

You can check whether the utilities are present and working properly. But that’s only a part of a checklist that you have to go through before you move into a house.

If this is your first time moving, you do not need to worry because we are here to help by giving away the new home checklist that you can refer to before you decide to put your roots down.

New House Checklist

Despite being a time-consuming and cumbersome task, moving homes is actually pretty straightforward, provided you are guided by a checklist.

Your checklist should include and depend on the amenities at the home and things you would need in the new home. The checklist below is in no way comprehensive, but it attempts to provide a bird’s eye view of the moving process and could become a blueprint for a checklist of your own.

If not much, the checklist below will help you move more efficiently.

Make Sure the Utilities Are Working

Before moving into a new house, you must ensure that the utilities—electricity, gas, and water—are working properly. However, if you’re moving into a house where utilities are just getting installed, you can take a trip to town and leave the belongings in your car at an rvstorage, or even plan to put at a hotel nearby.


When your utilities are fully installed, you can bring your belongings around and begin moving in.

If you want to move into a turnkey accommodation, where everything has been fully installed, you should first check if the utilities are preinstalled. Even if you are moving into an older property, you should check whether the utilities are still working properly and are not in need of renovations.

Set Up Internet Connectivity

Internet access has become essential. Therefore, before moving into a new place, you need to install all the connectivity equipment in your new home.

All the connectivityoptions, including Wi-Fi, TV, IoTs, and other equipment, must be operational before you move into your new place. Therefore, it would be best if you could find internet providers and TV cable operators in the area prior to your move.


Check for Safety Precautions

Checking for safety precautions is one of the most important steps that you should take before moving into a new house.

First, you must visit the neighborhood that you are moving into to get a feel for the security and safety protocols there. Make sure the area has security cameras and other security measures in place, like a gated entrance.


Once you have checked for the safety protocols of society, it is time to secure your home now. First, it is better to install a CCTV at the front and back entrance of your home. Then, proceed to change all the locks, including to the doors to your bedrooms, the main gate, and closets.

Get to Know about the Locations of Necessary Operators

You must be well aware of the locations of the necessary operators of the house, like the main distribution board, circuit breakers, fuses, fire alarms, and water valves. If you do not know about the locations of these functions, you will be doomed in case of any emergency. Therefore, ensure that all of these functionalities are present and in working condition at home before moving in to avoid any disaster.


These are very necessary for emergencies like earthquakes, short-circuits, and fires. There must be an emergency exit to avoid any human loss in case of any emergency.

Cleaning of House


It is also very important to make your house clean before moving into it. Whether you are moving into a new build house or any previously built and newly renovated house, cleanliness of the house is necessary. If you do not clean the house before moving into it, you will find it very difficult to clean it later once your furniture and other things reach there.

Change Your Address

Once you finalize the steps mentioned above and decide to move into your new home, you must apply to change your address to the database system of your state. Changing your address on time is imperative because you may find it difficult to collect all the essential documents like credit card deliveries, mails, licenses, and other things from your previous address.

Start Packing and Make a List


Once you are ready to move, start packing all your belongings. Make a list of the things you will be moving—this helps with packing in an organized manner and also makes for a seamless unpacking at the new place.

Categorize your items and pack them into the boxes with their assigned categorization.Label the box according to the type of items stored in it. Pack the necessary items, box-like toiletries, mattresses, etc. in a separate box that is to be unpacked immediately after the move.

Check Out the Vicinity

You should explore your new surroundings once you’ve settled in. During the unpacking process, go for a drive or walk to explore your new surroundings. Introduce yourself to the neighbors.

Seek out the community centers, stores, and other interesting spots where you and your family can spend time together.


The Way Forward

Settling into a new home and establishing roots there may not be as easy as it sounds. However, it isn’t as difficult as you might think it to be. To make the entire shifting process a breeze, it would help if you came up with a plan in order to get rid of the problems that may occur during the move. It is important that you check the utilities and other essential necessities in the new house. You will find moving more manageable by following the above-mentioned checklist.