Seven great tips for a Holiday-ready home


Duringthe holiday season, you can expect guests, family meals, and gatherings in your house. Your kids might want to entertain and attend to their friends, and cousins may look forward to sleepovers. But you cannot take care of and entertain your guests if your house is not ready to welcome them. So you must prepare your home to welcome these guests and ensure you have ample space to accommodate them.

Go through the tips below to prepare your home for the upcoming holiday season.

  1. Purge your house

A holiday season approaching is the best way to purge your house and clear out all the unnecessary stuff. So, the first step should be to purge your home. Visit all the rooms one by one, open the drawers, take out the contents and see what you don’t need. You often have old magazines cluttering these drawers.

The kitchen might have empty coke cans, plastic bottles, and jars of peanut butter that need clearing. Inspect the washroom and see if you have any empty bottles of bathroom cleaners cluttering the cabinets. These things do not need to stay in your house.

  1. Declutter your house

Once you have purged your house of all the unnecessary or not-so-urgent stuff, including old clothes, extra furniture, luggage bags, etc., the next step is to store them away. However, you may not have enough space to store these items. Additionally, storage can be an issue in cities like Boise, with extreme climates. One solution isplacing them in a storage unit.

Find a storage unit in your locality by searching online. Do a location-based search; for instance, you may search “storage units Boise” if you reside in Boise. Else you can search “Storage units near me.” This query will provide customized results if your search engine settings mention your current location.

You can put everything you don’t need in the storage unit. For instance, you can allocate a room for your impending guest by sending all its stuff to the storage unit. Another way to declutter your house is by donating the extra things to the charity in the spirit of giving back this holiday period. Decluttering your house is the best way to make it look bigger and inviting for your guests.

  1. Put the belongings in their rightful place

Often your house is not cluttered because you have extra stuff. Instead, it happens when things are lying here and there and not in their right place. So place things in their designated places. Focus on the areas where you and your guests will spend the most time during the holiday season, for instance, the lawn, porch, living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.

Ensure all the magazines and books are neatly stacked in the drawers. Put all the utensils and crockery in the kitchen cabinets and free the dining table from everything that does not belong there.

  1. Clean your house


The next thing on your to-do list should be cleaning and scrubbing your house. There is no need to spend weeks cleaning every corner of your house. Instead, attendtoareas that receive the most traffic. Scrub the floors, vacuum the carpets, wash the curtains, steam clean the upholsteries, and polish the bathrooms. Ensure you don’t have cobwebs on the ceiling and nooks and crannies on the wall.


Your kitchen and bathroom are the two most used places when you have traffic in the house; therefore, pay special attention when cleaning these areas. If you have extra time, wipe the dust off the fans, vents, and windows. If time is short, ensure the entrance door is clean, shiny, and ready to receive guests.

  1. Get your kitchen ready to make guest-worthy cuisine


Enjoying a holiday season is incomplete without a taste of delectable cuisine. So when preparing your house for the holiday season, ensure your kitchen is ready with all the essentials. Cooking food for your guests and the family requires many ingredients and appliances.

So, inspect your kitchen and ensure you have all the required spices. Are appliances working properly? Do you have utensils to cook big meals? Moreover, see if you have enough space on the dining table, or you might need to buy a bigger one.

  1. Decorate your house


The holiday season is synonymous with the festive season, so your house should make you feel you are about to welcome the festivities. And, nothing is more suitable than decorating your home with cheerful and festive decorations. But, don’t wait for the last minute to decorate your house. If you wait for the guests to arrive, you will most likely ignore the decoration part when juggling with other preparations.


Visit the nearest décor store, bring fancy lights,and decorate the trees and plants in your garden. Adding little lights around your curtains makes your house look inviting. You can also create a festive environment in the kitchen and living room with holiday placements like table cloths and holiday centerpieces.

If you already have leftover decorative material in the storage, pull out those boxes and try simple DIY ideas from the internet.

  1. Stock up all the essentials


When you are readying your home for a holiday season and guests, the last thing you want is to run out of essentials. To evade this inconvenience, make a list of all the essentials, including bathroom amenities and beddings, etc., and make a trip to the superstore. Especially, have enough stock of paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, and kitchen towels. Bathrooms must be stocked with shampoos, soaps, a hand wash, towels, bathroom cleaners, etc.


Moreover, ensure your pantry is updated withnecessary cooking ingredients. Baking cakes, cookies, and cupcakes are important for enjoying the holiday season. Therefore, buy baking supplies such as baking powder, flour, icing sugar, oils, butter, etc., and stock themwell in your kitchen.

Moreover, having leftover food is always possible when cooking in large quantities. Therefore, when stocking essentials, don’t forget about accessories to storeleftover food. Buy oven-proof containers, plastic and aluminum wrap, and go-to containers. This way, guests can take extra helpings with them when they leave.


Holidays are a special time of the year. Meeting your friends and family and hosting dinners and luncheons are essential elements of enjoying the holiday season. Friends get together and reminisce old memories and days spent together. But the whole experience gets spoiled if your house is not ready for the holidays. Therefore, preparing your home to accommodate and entertain guests a week before the holiday season is always preferred.